The Right-Thinking Element (caviling) wrote in theshallowgame,
The Right-Thinking Element

Jennifer Aniston? Or Jessica Simpson?
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I'm not really fond of the Simpson family. But Aniston seems like a real bitch. I mean, seriously. They were on a break! Eh. I'll take Aniston.
HAHA. Someone watches Friiiiiiiends.
It's one of those shows that I can't get tired of the reruns.
Same here. Its ok. At least, it is when I get near the TV.
Aniston, if only for the chance to get to the sweet nectar that is Brad Pitt.
Oooooh good thinkin'.
Thank you. I like to think of myself as a crafty man.
aniston. not as stupid, nicer tits.
Simpson. Aniston's always had too much chin for my taste.
You just want to be different.
Yeah,'re....I....shut up!